The Perfect Day

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”-James Thurber

Outtatown Site 3 had the chance to visit the touristy side of Burkina Faso. This included swimming in waterfalls, climbing peaks and of course, lots of driving!

We loaded up the van and took off, the further we drove the more the scenery began to change. Driving past sugar farms and ponds was a beautiful change. Once we arrived in Banfora we picked up our guide and drove off to the falls. When we arrived we were shocked by the beauty and the lack of commercialization; everything was so natural and untouched by humans. After we enjoyed an ice cold pop and gobbled down some hamburgers we set out to explore the falls. The falls were a large series of small waterfalls which were perfect for frolicking in and were a sight for sore eyes as this was our first time swimming since the canoe trip. As we climbed higher up the river so did our excitement, in no time at all we were riding down rapids and flopping down falls, laughing and almost crying for some falls were a little precarious and ended up with some pretty gnarly bumps. At one point we even made a train of people and let the current carry us down the river which proved extremely fun and slightly painful as Liam landed on one of the not so soft rocks. It was quickly laughed away and we kept on swimming.IMG_4392.JPGNot long after, we began to make our way back as we still had a lot to see and do that day, and because our driver Silvère was not in prime health conditions. After making our way down to bottom we continued onward, sure that nothing could beat the falls. Little did we know that we were to visit the domes of Banfora, which once again were untouched and phenomenal. We climbed around taking beautiful pictures and enjoying God’s masterpiece.img_443799 As we continued to explore we were amazed by the beauty and how different tourism in Burkina Faso was compared to that of Canada and how untouched it was.  We really got to appreciate how truly beautiful things don’t scream for attention and are usually harder to find but worth the search. We continued onward to Sindou where we would be staying the night and traveling to the peaks of Sindou the following day.  After a long and incredible day, we fell asleep excited for what awaited us.

-Alex Boekestyn



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